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Posted by on May 28, 2021 in Reviews |

Shlug – Roy Keane

Gender politics and the role of men in the 21st century is high on the agenda of hot topics. It’s not an entirely new subject for the world of music with archive songs such as Charles Aznavour’s evocative “What Makes a Man” or Aztec Camera’s achingly beautiful “How Men Are”. New Cardiff punk band Shlug have added to that cannon with their sledgehammer onslaught “Roy Keane”. A blistering bass intro launches into a wild 135 second frenzy – think “Love Song” by the Damned and you’ll get the picture. The track is a burning cannonball of anger and self-examination complete with an ironic and swaggering chorus of “I’m a Great Dane, I’m a Great Dane”. A joyous roller coaster ride that maybe takes us an inch or two closer to answering that age old question what makes a man a man? One thing for sure is that this track is going to cause mayhem when the band finally get to perform it live at Clwb.