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Posted by on Sep 3, 2020 in Reviews |

Sera – When I Wake Up

For the past 5 years Sera has established herself as one of Wales’ rising singer songwriters. For this album she has teamed up with Producer Andi Crutwell-Jones who has given her sound more depth and the overall mood is darker and the production fuller and more strident. This fits Sera’s voice well which has a beautiful texture, an assured control and is the real stand out centre piece of the album. ‘When I Wake Up’ was inspired by folklore and the American influence is once more to the fore. Songs such as “Rabbit Hole”, “Into the Woods” and in particular “Switch” have an almost Fleetwood Mac feel to them with propulsive beats, muscular guitar breaks and Sera’s voice in control and leading the charge. There are also some moments of beauty and tenderness such as “Old Soul” and “Boxes”. The album closes with “Y Gost” (The Cost) the one Welsh language song on the album which has a bewitching melody and builds to a glorious and climactic end. ‘When I Wake Up’ is a fine album and should help enhance Sera’s reputation beyond Wales and to a much bigger audience.