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Posted by on Mar 9, 2022 in Reviews |

Armstrong – Happy Graffiti

This is a welcome first release in 2 years from Country Mile Records who have always championed a collection of wonderful artists such as Jon Langford’s Men of Gwent and Jimi Alexander. Happy Graffiti is the work of one man Julian Pitt who has written all the songs, played all the instruments and recorded it himself in his home studio aka his front room. The overriding sound is reminiscent of 80s jangle guitar bands such as the Pale Fountains or Aztec Camera and the standard of song writing is high throughout. Highlights include “This One” which when I first heard I assumed was a cover of a lost classic; a glorious song indeed. Elsewhere “Keep on Walking” has an evocative beauty and “Rock Star Rock Star” raises the tempo which would have made an early REM proud. There are moments during the album that you wish the album had been studio recorded with a full band and real strings but no doubt budgets and circumstances prohibited this. If there was an opportunity for studio time a number of these songs would make fine singles with a strong chance of extensive radio play. Alternatively if any act is short of material and looking for songs to cover they should look no further than the songs contained on this album.