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Posted by on May 23, 2018 in News |

Instructions – Home Truths (new single)

Many of you will remember The Spencer McGarry Season who released 3 genre albums and were active back in 2010. The band made numerous appearances including a main stage slot at the Green Man Festival. Spencer Segelov, the man behind the band was subsequently commissioned to write a piece for the showing of Dracula in Cardiff Castle for two voices and piano.

More recently Spencer has formed the band Instructions as a means to produce anything he wanted without thinking of constraints. The first album “People Skills” was a collection of pop indebted to the 70’s and was recorded before the current line-up was put together.

The band are releasing their new track “Home Truths” this month which was written with the whole band and played more or less live and produced by Charlie Francis. As Spencer says:

“It’s a groove based thing with many interlocking parts. The lyrics are a series of true statements which are hard to admit in real life, but easier over an upbeat rhythm. I think there’s a pleasing bittersweet confluence between the music and the lyrics. As happens quite often, I wrote the song in my head first (when it came to me in St David’s shopping centre between the exists of Debenhams and M&S).

I brought the song to the band and I felt after listening back to the recording that their parts were so intrinsic to the whole that I gave them writing credits. It’s the most amount of co-writes I’ve ever had (I have only ever released one song with a co-write before)

We are currently on hiatus as two of the members have twins, we are getting around this by recording and releasing songs in the mean-time (along with videos) and we will plan to slowly release our next album this way over the next year or so.”

Spencer has a new album called “Loser Leaves Town” which will be released in September though Country Mile records and he will be playing gigs thereafter.