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Posted by on Dec 21, 2020 in News |

BBC Horizons announce £40K of funding for Welsh artists

As 2020 draws the BBC Horizons’ Launchpad fund have announced grant funding totalling £40,000 in 2021 to thirty three Welsh artists and three record labels. This year’s list of recipients is far more diverse than in previous years with fourteen female artists and sixteen black musicians. In addition to the funding Horizons will be offering the awardees artist-centred music business training. At Newsoundwales we are particularly pleased to see the following awards to acts that we have been keeping a supportive eye on over the past few years:

Eadyth has been award help to purchase an analogue synth and sound proofing.


HVNTER has been award help to purchase home studio equipment


MADI has been awarded help with the promotion of forthcoming singles


The Honest Poet has been awarded help with video production


The list of recipients in full is:
Aleighcia Scot, Eadyth, Faith, Foxxglove, Hako, Hemes, High Grade Grooves, HVNTER, Ifan Pritchard, K(E)NZ, Kingkhan, Leila Mckenzie, Los Blancos, Mace the Great, Madi, Magugu, Malan Jones, Mass Accord, Mawpit, Minas, Monique B, Phoenix Rise, Razkid, Recordiau Jigcal, Rona Mac, Something Out of Nothing Records, Sonny Double 1, Swannick, Sywel Nyw, SZWE, Thallo, The Honest Poet & Traxx.