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Posted by on May 8, 2020 in Interviews/features |

The Now

The Now have been making impressive strides towards establishing themselves on the Welsh music scene in recent times and last year we picked them as one of our acts to watch in 2020. The band have recently released a new single “Special Kind of Stupid” and we wanted to find out more about the band and their plans for the year ahead.


The band cite a wide range of influences from Chuck Berry to Kasabian. That’s quite a diverse collection! How does that blend into the sound of The Now?

Although our individual influences are quite diverse, we feel like this benefits the band greatly, as we are not stuck in one sort of genre and are certainly not predictable as people are going to find out.

You came together at a jam night. Tell us about how you recognised that the band had a chemistry and should work together.

You just know when you click with someone, it’s often at a completely random time or place, but you just know when someone understands your playing and your music, even if you might not know each other that well.

The band say they want to ‘stand alone with a unique sound’. What do you think makes the sound of The Now unique?

What makes the sound of the now unique is that it is not stuck into one particular box, we don’t come under the category of a rock band or an indie band, we’re just a band who writes songs to how we feel at the time. This results in unique ideas from us, we think that’s what sets us apart from other bands. Another thing is our catchy lyrics and melodies, there’s not enough of that going around at the minute.

You obviously have some management behind you. How did that come about and what’s their approach to getting The Now on the road to recognition and success?

We couldn’t be luckier to have the management that we do behind us, Ryan goes above and beyond to ensure that we are appearing on people’s social media and that they are absolutely loving what they are hearing.

You’ve worked with some impressive producers such as Richard Jackson (Super Furry Animals /Duffy) and Jason Perry (McFly, The Blackout). How did that come about and what were they like to work with?

Our management hunted them down, literally. It was a truly amazing experience working with people like those guys, they really open your eyes to all these different and whacky ideas which really make your song what it is. We also learnt a hell of a lot from them to take forward into our writing.

Your videos have been very high end and look impressive. How did you approach them and who have you been working with?

Once again our amazing management filming and producing those videos himself, truly outstanding. We are extremely privileged and grateful.

The new single is “Special Kind of Stupid”. What is the song about and you’ve produced this one yourself. How was that experience?

It was both a fun and interesting experience producing the song by ourselves. It’s something that we think every band should have a go at during some point of their journey. You learn and find out different things which you couldn’t get by just letting someone else do it for you. Get stuck in!

What does the future hold for The Now – assuming we can all get back to putting on gigs in the near future!

Who knows what the future may hold for us. We know what we want, and ambitious of a plan as it may be, we don’t plan on slowing down or stopping until our end goal is achieved.