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Posted by on Feb 22, 2018 in Interviews/features |

Late Night Picture

New Cardiff band Late Night Picture have a CV that reads like a who’s who of some of the finest Welsh musicians of their generation. The band recently released their superb debut single “Massif” and look set to be one of the key acts emerging from Wales in 2018. 

The line-up of Late night Picture features some of Wales’ finest musicians. How did you all meet and what made you decide to actually form a band rather than just being a bunch of musicians jamming together for pleasure?

Late Night Picture have been collaborating musically in various formations over the last 10 years. First meeting on the local live music scene in Cardiff, we later found ourselves in University together, which brought us closer as friends and musical collaborators. We’ve always felt we work well together and the music-making process has been very natural. Previous projects have drifted apart but that connection remains. After some time, we felt the urge to pursue something fresh and challenging that would allow us to express ourselves in a way that we hadn’t done before.

Can you tell us the line-up of the band?

Chloe Cooke – Vocals and Keyboards

Charlie Piercey – Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Andrew Brown – Electric Bass

Luke Thomas – Drums and Electronics

The musicians involved in Late Night Picture have a strong collection of CVs having played with bands such as Afro Cluster. Do you see this as a side project or do you see it as being more permanent?

This is definitely a permanent project, and one that we are equally committed to in the long-term.

You mentioned you have taken inspiration from the likes of London Grammar and Massive Attack. What was it about those bands that inspired you and how do you avoid sounding too much like them?

Our influences include London Grammar and Massive Attack, but these are just two of many, also including Little Dragon, Portishead, Air and Morcheeba, for example. Across these influences we love the evocative soundscapes; deep, dark grooves and minimalist melodies offered up. We have different experiences that have shaped us as people and musicians, which means we will always have our own musical identity, but we won’t shy away from paying homage to the bands we love.

The single ‘Massif’ has already received some strong airplay including 6Music. What is the song about and how did it come together as a track?

Massif was the first song we wrote together as a band. Charlie was messing around with some synth sounds and he came up with this really grainy, dark progression we all loved. We just jammed it from there. We were in the early stages of the band, and Chloe had been on a bit of a break from writing. The lyrics document the inner-conversations we have in those periods of self-reflection and doubt, and overcoming the fear that pulls us away from what we really care about.


Chloe Cooke who sings on the track has an incredible voice. Can you tell us more about her?

Chloe has been playing and writing since she can remember. She signed to a small local label when she was 10, where opportunities working with writers like Chris Braide (Britney Spears, Sia, Beyoncé) meant she built up an early appreciation of the pop form. While industry heads have always pushed Chloe in specific directions, she is now writing and playing for herself. Some of the lyrics in the new stuff document those experiences Chloe had growing up around industry and the contrasting emotions that came along with it.

Do you have any plans for live gigs or are you primarily a studio project?

We definitely have plans to take this project to the stage. In the past we have performed together a lot and it’s a passion and connection we all share. This particular project has naturally lent itself to focusing on getting the sound right in the studio first, though we are now beginning to get the live set together.

You have released the one track so far. What are the plans for future releases and the rest of 2018?

We’re currently recording a body of work with producer, Andrew Lawson, at Fieldgate Studio in Penarth. We’re really excited about putting out more music in the coming months, as well as getting out live. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.