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Posted by on Apr 20, 2017 in Interviews/features |

Jack Ellis


Jack Ellis was chosen as one of the Forte acts for 2017 and is already making a name for himself having received national airplay and recently won the Cardiff Music Awards for best solo act 2017. We think he is an extraordinary talent we are delighted he is our special guest at the forthcoming Black Peaches gig at Chapter 16th June.

You started out playing in a couple of bands. What are the main differences in being a solo artist?

Since being a solo artist I feel I’m finally writing a lot more personal to me with no boundaries with where I want to take my music/genre. I think some memories and feelings unwind a little easier when it’s only you locked in a room surrounded with guitars.

Your website says you write ‘real songs from real stories’. What sort of story prompts you to pick up your guitar and write a song?

The guitars don’t gather too much dust these days but to write a song I just need a story I can paint a picture out of.

Your song “Pocket of Lint” got played on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 programme last year and this led to a live session on the show. How did this come about and what impact did that exposure have?

“Pocket of lint” was first picked up just before I’d released it as my first solo track. The exposure and support has been amazing and really driven me straight back into the studio this past year.

Dermot said ‘get signed and come back’. How is that going? Any news on that front?

All independent so far.

You were selected for the Forte Project for 2017. Why did you apply for this and how has the experience been so far?

Forte has been great so far, met some amazing people in the industry, it’s put me into many seminars/workshops and is teaching me a lot about the business side. I’ve played a few great gigs through them including some BBC Horizon gigs. Also I’m supporting Black Peaches in Chapter on the 16th of July through them which I’m looking forward to.

Your new single “Eternal” came out recently. Tell us about the track.

‘Eternal’ was written about an old man surrounded by hospital beds with a forever lasting love for a lost one. It was produced by Jon Constantine at Leeders Vale Studio, “Fireball Smalls” laid the drums on the track and I made most other noise.

You’ve started writing and singing in Welsh. Is this something you want to develop and do more of?

It’s definitely something I’m starting to explore….

You recently won best solo act at this year’s Cardiff Music Awards. What was it like to win the award and how did you celebrate?

I’ve been more than chuffed to win the award and cannot thank everybody enough for the support given. We made sure the celebration was worthy.

What plans have you got for the rest of the year – gigs, releases?

Looking forward to playing Big Love Festival   on the 28th of April, also looking forward to headlining The Big Sesh in Newport on the 30th, but really looking forward to playing BBC Carfest this summer. I’ve also got a load of new music coming real soon.


Jack’s websitewww.Jack-Ellis.com

Forte schemehttp://www.forteproject.co.uk/about/

Tickets for Jack’s gig at Chapterhttps://www.chapter.org/newsoundwales-present-black-peaches-jack-ellis