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Posted by on Apr 20, 2020 in Interviews/features |


CVC are one of Cardiff’s rising bands and we’ve been lucky enough to have had them play at a number of Newsoundwales gigs over the past few years. The band look set to be on the verge of making waves beyond their hometown and their new single ‘Mortgage Anthem’ is a really strong track that should more than help with that process. We wanted to find out more about how the band are dealing with the current lockdown and how they plan to launch their new single in today’s altered state.

How did the band come together and how does it differ from the music and experience of David’s previous band CWCW.

CVC were formed on a warm summer evening, when the sun was set and the stars aligned. I believe that it was Nanial that first spotted it in the sky, or was a mysterious light falling over our sleepy village (church village) naturally as young men would we followed the light. As we reached the mystery an idea was formed CVC! Dave turned to me (Cesco) and before opening his mouth everybody knew what was about to be said. From that day on the funk was well and truly in our lives. Haha!

Although CVC and CWCW look similar on paper the sound does not! Over the past few years CVC have gained a reputation as one of Cardiff’s go to ‘good time bands’ and this can be seen and heard through driving funk riffs, three part harmonies and all round whacky showmanship! Dave and Elliot have both brought a lot from that band and managed to incorporate that melodic sound into CVC seen through things like our 3 part harmonies and our strong vocals.

We are all currently in lockdown. With gigs and even practise out of the question for the foreseeable future. How do you plan to keep things going for CVC during this time?

Good question! With the lockdown situation I’m sure it’s hard for all bands to keep momentum right now, but it’s the same for everyone worldwide so I don’t see it as a disadvantage! Obviously it’s a bummer we had to cancel our release show, but let’s see the bigger picture here. We’ve been using the time as a band to keep writing straight bangers as well as sorting some other things out like merch! By the way check out Nanial’s Garm Shed if you want to cop some fresh merch from a handful of juicy welsh bands including CVC! We also made a couple of videos out of boredom where Nanial and Dave show off the superior acting talent.  Pretty sure Dave mentioned he’s began writing a movie as well so keep your eyes out!

You’ve obviously been influenced by a lot of music from the late 60s/early 70s. What is it about the music from that period that has had such an impact on you as a band?

There’s just something about that era of music that’s so unique. I love how bands in that time were forced to work around things like being limited to 4 tracks and not great equipment. The Beatles changed the face of music forever in the 60’s. There was nothing like Sgt. Peppers in the mainstream, I’m sure most people’s first listen to ‘Within you, Without you’ was a pretty big shock after being used to songs like ‘Hard Days Night’. I feel the music industry hasn’t seen such an expansive change since and that’s what makes it so cool! I also believe that whatever music your parents are into that’s going to strongly influence your choice of music subconsciously or not! And I know my parents love bands like Led Zep, Santana, Steely Dan and Pink Floyd! It’s just an undeniably great period for guitar/rock/psychedelic music.

How have you taken those influences and made fresh original music and avoided ending up with a pastiche or copy?

Well Staying original might just be the hardest thing to do in music. There are so many things that have already been done, so we try to keep away from that, but there are also an infinite amount of things that haven’t been done lol. I think with 6 musicians in the band, when a new idea is brought to the table we can all work on it together, which helps the idea to evolve.

You released one of our favourite tracks of last year with the single ‘Jungle Fever’. This was launched with a massive sold out show at Clwb which was quite an occasion. Tell us about how the evening went and your highlights of the launch night.

YES. The launch party for Jungle Fever was MASSIVE. The venue was great, the sound was great, the staff were great, the fans were great, the beer was great, Cesco’s moustache.. still not great. Definitely the most fun gig we’ve ever played! We went in hard, had the whole room bouncing so hard to Docking the Pay, I thought the ceiling was going to cave! The support was great, Panic Shack, Connor Latcham, and Holdiay in The Mind all super sick Cardiff bands check them out! Mortgage Anthem Release would have been even bigger guaranteed until the world went quiet. Jungle Fever was also well received post launch so, all in all it goes down as a success.

Your new single ‘Mortgage Anthem’ is out 25th April. What’s the track about and who was involved in the recording process? How did you come up with the ideas for it and where was it filmed?

So Mortgage Anthem was recorded in RapTrap Studio with Tom Rees of Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, probably some point in early 2019. We also recorded a few more tracks there but though Mortgage Was the best fit for our Next Single. The songs about not being able to afford the mortgage and the struggles of getting used to adult life.

The video is quite a production. How did you come up with the ideas for it and where was it filmed?

The idea for the video sprouted from that. We thought what can a video be about being skint be? And 2 weeks later on a cold, rainy morning at 8am ended up in Pontypridd courtroom. Credit goes to Dave Dan and Cesco I think they’re wrote the story board for the vid! Big shout out to OnPar for making the video with us they brought the vision to life!

You’ve released a few singles now. Any plans for a full length album? Record deals? etc

So this will be our 2nd single. We’ve got enough songs for about 4/5 albums but that would just be an information overload!! I’m not going to give any secrets away just yet but maybe keep your eyes peeled for some extra CVC juicy ness after Mortgage Anthem’s reign at top of the UK charts. With regards to a record label, we’ve had some interest. But we want to find the people who understand our vision for CVC before we sign anything!

Cardiff has a very sociable music scene with lots of acts spending time together. What do you enjoy most about being part of that?

Cardiff is a great scene for lots of us musicians! It’s an awesome thing to be a part of because we can connect to so many great bands all the time, a lot of them have become good friends. That’s my favourite part about the Cardiff music industry, how close knit everybody is.

When the lockdown ends what’s the first thing CVC will do?

As soon as lockdown’s over I think the plan is a massive day out in Bute Park with all the lads and frisbee’s and beer!