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Posted by on May 20, 2014 in CD Reviews |

Winter and Williams – EP3

Winter & Williams are a trio despite their name consisting of Peter Winter, bassist Deej Williams and drummer Tom Rabaiotti. This release is a collection of 4 fine songs featuring acoustic guitar, bass and drums with some additional instrumentation such as brass and lead guitar. The band’s genre is hard to pin down which is probably a good thing. Touches of jazz, folk and even mild funk combine to produce a fine landscape. Overall all the tracks have a good musical foundation but as songs they slightly lacking melodic vocal hooks. Nevertheless there is much here to applaud and where this ep works best is on songs such as “Things to come” which builds well and has killer brass interplay with the vocals and a well-placed lead guitar at the end of the track. The band started in 2006 although Peter Winter is the only original member in the current line up. The musicians blend well together and it’s clear they are a tight musical unit. It wouldn’t take much to push things to the next level and maybe bringing in some additional writing partners would be all it takes.