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Posted by on Apr 8, 2015 in CD Reviews |

Thee Manatees EP

With heavily reverbed harp, brooding guitar and sultry vocals Thee Manatees are beginning to establish their very own distinctive sound that conjures up the sights and sounds of spaghetti westerns and the Deep South. The EP kicks off with “Jack of Clubs” a brooding beast of a song where you can almost smell the tobacco smoke, taste the whisky and experience an atmosphere that is only seconds away from erupting into a bar room brawl. The tempo lifts with “Cuckoo” which is a fine deep southern swampy call and response song. Finally we have “Fine White Fingers” which is something of an understated epic. With the band’s signature mournful harp it has a strong narrative and a haunting vocal melody. With a bigger production, more instruments, maybe even strings it could be monumental. On first hearing I was convinced that this and some of the other songs were cover versions. The fact that they are all originals is testimony to how far Thee Manatees have come in the past 18 months. More studio time, bigger productions and Thee Manatees should see their fan base rise, radio plays beckoning and maybe even film directors knocking at their door.