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Posted by on Aug 11, 2017 in CD Reviews |

The Minerals – Road to Ruin (single)

For many Matthew Frederick is understandably the voice and face of Climbing Trees. However, like all great bands it is the sum of the parts and the chemistry between the members that combine together to make the end result. The Minerals are a side project by Colenso Jones the band’s guitarist and vocalist. This track follows their wonderful debut album last year and was recorded at Long Row Audio in Pontypridd. ‘Road to Ruin’ is a reflective mid-tempo song about too much partying and taking responsibility for your own life and behaviour. The Minerals have the knack of writing deceptively simple songs which have melodies that are insistent and memorable. “Road to Ruin” is one such song. Once again the track features the excellent vocals of Jodie Gibson that blend so well with the lead vocal. Added to this is some superb violin accompaniment from Helina Rees (Elfen) which helps give the song pace, drama and intensity. Side projects can be indulgent, experimental and something to do while the band takes a break. Thankfully The Minerals are none of those things and reflect just how talented the various branches of Climbing Trees are.