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Posted by on Jul 2, 2021 in CD Reviews |

The Honest Poet – Letters to My Queen

The Honest Poet aka Jamêe Summers is in love; correction he is head over heels in love. So much in love that he’s written an entire album of love songs dedicated to his fiancée and is releasing it on her birthday. If you’ve just split up from your partner or are romantically jaded you might find this album a step too far. However, if your heart still jumps a beat on Valentine’s Day and you are a fan of soulful hip hop this album is highly recommended.

There is a sweetness and purity to Jamêe’s vocals and he has a strong sense of melody which runs throughout. The album opens with the single “Purpose” which has a memorable hook. Other stand outs include the infectious “Be Mine” and “Red Light” which has a soaring ‘earworm’ chorus and a strong rap from SIZWE.

Overall ‘Letters to My Queen’ is a fine debut which lays down some firm foundations for future releases.