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Posted by on Sep 13, 2018 in CD Reviews |

Spencer Segelov – Loser Leaves Town

There is a self-deprecating charm to the work of Spencer Segelov and when he exaggerates, to great effect, that all of his songs sound like ‘The Records in your Dad’s Collection’ you sense his tongue is planted firmly in his cheek. However, Segelov is no mere copycat rather he is following in the tradition of great song writers such as Paul Williams and Jimmy Webb; masters of well-crafted songs with strong melodies and intelligent lyrics.

Following on from his previous epic releases, which featured choirs and orchestras, this album is entirely Spencer’s own work ably assisted by Producer Charlie Francis. The range is wide from the opening playful Broadway bound “Stunt Double” to “Sacred Songs” a moving piano ballad of youthful spirituality through to the understated smoky jazz of the title track.

‘Loser Leaves Town’ is an excellent album where one man uses the art of song writing to tell us something of his life experiences in a way which is insightful, witty and thoroughly entertaining. On the evidence of this album there can’t be too many song writers in Wales today who are better than Spencer Segelov.

(Loser Leaves Town album launch is at St John’s Church, Canton 21st September)