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Posted by on Oct 23, 2020 in CD Reviews |

Otto – Tell Me Something

When Christian Punter, aka Otto, was writing this song in his converted Post Office little could he have imagined that the track would end up being produced by Dave Stewart and feature musicians such as Dan Dugmore who has played lapsteel with the likes of James Talyor and Stevie Nicks and Chad Cromwell who plays drums with Neil Young. This came about following an internet song competition and it’s easy to see why Dave Stewart would have been impressed. “Tell Me Something” is an honest and sincere apologetic love song with a strong melody and deft lyrics “Your heart was fire, I was stone cold”. The musical arrangement, as you would expect from those involved, is a masterclass featuring some exquisite musical embellishments particularly Dugmore’s lapsteel which helps the song glide and soar. The fact that Otto holds his own with seeming ease alongside rock royalty demonstrates his talent and potential. “Tell Me Something” is a hypnotic and restrained beauty.