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Posted by on Sep 21, 2017 in CD Reviews |

Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks – Pontvane

Every band is a fusion of musicians who have different styles, ideas and influences. In the Case of Eugene Capper & Rhodri Brooks the combination of Indie experimental psych and Americana combine to produce music that frequently switches style and undulates with stunning effect.

The songs spear headed by Eugene Capper often have a raw confessional vulnerability and sometimes erupt into unrestrained anger and frustration such as in the case of ‘Laugharne’. The pinnacle of this is reached on ‘Save Me’ an extraordinary 8 minute epic which begins as a slow country tinged heartfelt ballad full of loss and culminates in a furious psych guitar explosion.

The influence of Americana and country is most strongly felt where Rhodri Brooks takes the lead and songs such as ‘Yonderer’ and ‘That’s Who’ are extremely well crafted and include some particularly fine fiddle and harp playing.

Pontvane is a truly captivating album that incorporates the skills and talents of two radically different but equally talented musicians. It’s being released by Bubblewrap who recently managed to secure two shortlisted albums on the 2017 Welsh Music Prize shortlist. Don’t be too surprised if Pontvane also finds itself in similar company next year.