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Posted by on May 6, 2019 in CD Reviews |

Darren Eedens & The Slim Pickin’s

Originally from Ontario Eedens is now living in Cardiff and has been steadily building a name for himself culminating in an appearance at this year’s prestigious SXSW festival. Bluegrass is often played at break necked speed and requires incredible dexterity and precision. There is plenty here which will please the enthusiasts and songs such as “Don’t Trust” and “On the Line” are fine examples of the genre. It’s not all a million miles an hour though and the opening track “31 Years” is a glorious song with Eeden’s authentic vocal, some superb backing from The Slim Pickin’s which builds into a truly wonderful ‘fist in the air‘ climax. Another highlight is the closing track “Hit the Ground Running” a strong commercial country song with a fine melody and memorable chorus. This album is a must for country/bluegrass fans, however, song writing and musicianship of this standard deserves a much wider audience.