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Posted by on Jun 16, 2015 in CD Reviews |

Bert & Henry – The Adventures of Bert & Henry

The Adventures of Bert & Henry is at first glance a band being kooky with cartoon graphics and songs about mundane topics such as watching DVD boxsets. If this were all they were it would have no more than a fleeting interest. However, Bert & Henry have managed to produce an album of delightful, naïve acoustic pop vignettes. The songs are lyrically strong, well-structured and the musical hooks are plentiful. There is a fair bit of genre hopping. However, this is done with ease whether it be their acoustic take on post punk funk of “Storm in a Can” or the skiffle Bonzo Dog lunacy of “Not waving but raving”. There’s always a danger when you bring humour into music. Some won’t share your taste and there’s the fear it overshadows and deflects from the quality of the song writing. However, Bert & Henry traverse that tight rope with only the occasional wobble. This is a charming debut full of wit, humour and some classy pop folk songs. The adventures of Bert & Henry have begun.