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Posted by on Apr 2, 2020 in CD Reviews |

Al Moses- He Truly is the Son of God

Al Moses have made a splash in the past couple of years gradually building up a strong live following throughout South Wales. Their recording output so far hasn’t quite managed to capture the urgency and excitement of their live gigs; an age old problem that many bands have found over the years. Playing your heart out in front of hundreds of adoring, sweaty fans is a whole different ball game when you’re playing alone in a recording studio. Creating the right atmosphere is an art in itself and the band seemed to have cracked that with the help of Thomas Rees from Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard in the producer’s chair. This track was inspired by a friend of the band who used to look like Jesus and also the band’s concern at seeing so many live venues close down in recent years. “He Truly is the Son of God” is possessed with a sense of urgency, anger and excitement all powered by a commanding rhythm section, some hefty guitar hooks and a fearless vocal. We live in uncertain times, but one thing is guaranteed, this track is going to produce some serious mosh pit frenzy when we are finally released from the lock down.