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Newsoundwales website РThe website is run by a small number of people, primarily Francis Brown. The aim of the website is to:

* Keep you informed of the key gigs taking place in Wales.
* Review the main CD releases, especially by Welsh artists.
* Bring you the best new artists from home and abroad.
* Highlight artists from the past that may have passed you by.
* Bring you the music news of Wales.

Demos & Promos – If you are a band or an artist please send your CDs/Demos to us so that we can hear your music. We guarantee to listen to everything that is sent to us, however, we are unable to return items and we can’t guaranteee we will review or feature your work on our site. Please include a short biography, contact information and photos if possible.

Writing for newsoundwales – If you would like to write for newsoundwales please contact us. We are particularly keen to find reviewers in North and Mid Wales. We cannot pay you for your work, but if it is good enough we will publish it on the site and give you full credit.

Newsoundwales gigs – In addition to running the website we also put on gigs in Cardiff every few months. Have a look at our events section to see what’s coming up.

Newsoundwales Records – In 2012 we also launched newsoundwales Records with our first release Trinkets EP by Cardiff band Cakehole Presley.


Our contact details are:

12 Church Road
Canton Cardiff

email: mail@newsoundwales.com



(newsoundwales respects artists and photographer’s copyright and only uses material by permission. If you feel we have failed in this respect please contact us immediately.)